The Coffee Academïcs

The Coffee Academïcs

The Coffee Academïcs

When I arrive in a new city, the first thing on my mind is… Find a nice coffee place where they serve good coffee and the vibe is relaxed and homy. Where I can crash in a comfy chair with my laptop and do research on everything there is to do in that city and write about it.

Luckily when I arrived in Hong Kong I found a place just like that right on the opposite side of the street from my apartment building: The Coffee Academïcs. They serve excellent coffee and if you’re hungry they have some good dishes on the menu that you can order. When the weather is good, you can also sit outside in the window frame and enjoy the (smoggy) sunrays. Which is rare in the busy centre of Hong Kong.


The Coffee Academïcs, 35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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