Hotel Modez Arnhem

Hotel Modez Arnhem

Hotel Modez Arnhem

Last weekend I spend a weekend with my love in Arnhem. We didn’t know where to go until I found this amazing hotel: Hotel Modez. So we decided to go to Arnhem of all places.


Hotel Modez Arnhem


Every room in this hotel is designed by a different designer, of which most of them have studied at the fashion institute in Arnhem. Every room gives you a whole different experience. Since there are 20 rooms, you can stay here 20 times and feel like being in a totally different hotel every time. Studio Piet Paris conceived the whole unique project. And Piet Paris is rather noticeable during your stay: when you’re having your breakfast with the Piet Paris tableware, or when you’re enjoying a drink on the terrace and look at the logo.

We stayed in the Sjaak Hullekes loft room which made me feel like being on the ocean, with the dark blue high wall, the vintage suit cases and the travel treasures from Sjaak. My next room will most definitely be the Monique van Heist room, since I’m in love with prints, especially colorful prints.

Besides this amazing hotel we were positively surprised by the city. It is a relatively small city, but sometimes that’s just perfect. No long walks from one side of the city to the other, everything is just around the corner. The hotel is located in the ‘Modekwartier’ (fashion quarter), were all the little boutiques are located. But when you walk to the other side of the train rail you can find some nice little streets like the Hommelstraat and Kerkstraat with cool coffee places and concept stores. Of course I will write about those in my next posts.


Modez monique van heist 2


Hotel Modez, Elly Lamakerplantsoen 4,  Arnhem

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