HAY Amsterdam

HAY Amsterdam

HAY Amsterdam

Scandinavian design is still one of the best there is. Of course I get some of my stuff at IKEA, but always combine it with cool brands, like HAY!

Last summer when I walked to work every day I always passed by the HAY store in Amsterdam. And it was hard to keep walking every day. So most of my days I made a quick stop there. They have everything; awesome furniture, amazing kitchen supplies and the coolest accessories. Since it is almost (well, kind of almost) my birthday, I started to make my wish list and I put a lot of HAY things on it; a wooden ruler, a tower block, site table and an amazing chair. I hope I’ve been good this year and my friends give me lots of presents ;).

In this HAY store you can also find de Koffie Salon; a nice coffee place. You can have your coffee here during your shopping spree, or work with your laptop on the big table and see all the different people buying cool HAY stuff.


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HAY, Spuistraat 281, City Centre, Amsterdam

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