GROOS Rotterdam

GROOS Rotterdam

GROOS Rotterdam

GROOS is a concept store in Rotterdam. They only sell Rotterdam based designer stuff. Art, clothes, music, literature, lifestyle products etc. Basically everything you can think of that is made in Rotterdam.

I love to walk around there and buy some coffee cups from Noot & Zo. And when buying the coffee cups you also need ‘Man met de bril’ coffee of course. And don’t forget to check out my sisters bags there, Doubleyou bags (the one on the bicycle in the bottom picture).




People from Rotterdam are always proud to be from Rotterdam, and this store is quite a good example of that. That’s why this store is awesome, not just because it’s a super nice store and they sell amazing things, but because Rotterdam is just an awesome city, with awesome people, who make awesome things!!!


GROOS, Schiekade 203, Rotterdam

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