VitraHaus Basel

VitraHaus Basel

VitraHaus Basel

The one thing you have to do when visiting Basel is go to the Vitra Campus (preferably on a bike, like we did)! Not only because the Vitra Collection is amazing, but also because it is a super nice area where you can chill out a bit.

The VitraHaus is the most impressive on the campus. This Vitra flagship store, build by Herzog & de Meuron, is made out of a couple of block houses on each other. Really impressive to see and even more impressive to walk through. You can find the Vitra Home Collection here and enjoy the great view from the rooms and loft. I sat in a comfy chair for a while and pretended this was my own apartment. The different areas are super inspiring, so go here when you need some changes in your own home.

Done with wandering through the VitraHaus; have a coffee in the café downstairs, lay in the grass and have an ice cream, and definitely go on the awesome swings in front of the Vitra Design Museum. I find the museum itself not really worth visiting. Just strolling through the VitraHaus, chill on the swings and have a coffee in the café was enough for me. And then hop on the bike back to Basel!


Vitra Haus




Vitra Campus, Ray-Eames-Strasse 1, Wei lam Rhein


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