IJ-Hallen Amsterdam

IJ-Hallen Amsterdam

IJ-Hallen Amsterdam

If you like vintage clothes, if you like flea markets, if you like spending a perfect day in Amsterdam, go to the IJ-Hallen this weekend!! It’s a huge flea market at the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam. Which is a cool place on its own already, with nice lunch places; PLLEK, Noorderlicht en de IJ-kantine. But once a month when the flea market is held there it’s even more cool. I love to search for great items at this market. They have stalls full of amazing fur coats, vintage summer dresses, old army coats, and before Christmas I found the perfect vintage reindeer sweater in a stall full of vintage wool sweaters.

And guess what?! I’m going to sell my clothes at the IJ-Hallen tomorrow! I’m gonna get rid of half of my closet because it needs to be refreshed. And refreshed means, buying new stuff after I sold my old stuff! Already thinking of the perfect white blouse and black leather sandals I saw at COS.

But come and check out this amazing flea market today or tomorrow and of course pass by my stall!!


IJ-Hallen, T.T. Neveritaweg 15, Amsterdam

Picture by IJ-Hallen

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