Hanneke’s Boom Amsterdam

Hanneke’s Boom Amsterdam

Hanneke’s Boom Amsterdam

Who didn’t want to build tree houses when they were little? I always feel like sitting in a tree house when I’m at Hanneke’s Boom. It is such a great place away from the city, but actually in the city centre. It’s the perfect way to escape the busy city for an afternoon, just like you escaped when you were little by climbing in your tree house.

In summer you can sit outside enjoying the sun and dip your feet in the water. Have a cold beer, a fresh summer salad and fresh fruit juices. In winter you can warm yourself near the fireplace and have a warm winter soup or a hot chocolate.

On the weekends you can enjoy some music at Hanneke’s Boom. Check their calendar for the upcoming gigs.




Hanneke’s Boom, Dijksgracht 4, City Centre, Amsterdam

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