SLA Amsterdam

SLA Amsterdam

SLA Amsterdam

Friends often tell me that I’m a rabbit, because I eat lots of salads! For breakfast I always eat yoghurt and granola. But for lunch and dinner I prefer salads; a light veggie salad for lunch and for dinner a proper filling salad with fish, chicken or cheese and nuts.

So when SLA (Dutch for salad) opened its doors a few years ago you can imagine this became one of my favorite places for a quick bite in Amsterdam. They have the most delicious salads on the menu or you can make your own combination. You can also enjoy these salads on your own couch since they have take away service as well.

Since the first SLA in de Pijp, they opened on multiple locations. So if you’re staying in Amsterdam there should be a SLA nearby your place!


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SLA, Ceintuurbaan 149, De Pijp, Amsterdam

Claude Debussylaan 35, Zuidas, Amsterdam

Westerstraat 34, West, Amsterdam

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