Rostiger Anker Basel

Rostiger Anker Basel

Rostiger Anker Basel

Three weeks ago my boyfriend and I went on a spontaneous trip to Basel, Switzerland. We booked our flight on Wednesday evening and left the next day! We didn’t really had time to plan anything. But luckily, we have some great friends there who could show us around. The best place they showed us was this little café hidden at the waterside; Rostiger Anker. It is one of the most chilled out places I have seen lately.

It’s a super tiny cozy café with old wooden furniture and rusty old bar. The best thing about this place is that it is not in the city centre at all, but hidden in an industrial area at the riverside. You have to cross old train rails to get to this place. And then you have this lovely little terrace hanging over the water. You can enjoy your coffee in all the quietness here. Or have your daily special as lunch or dinner (relatively cheap for Swiss standards) together with elderflower lemonade.


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Rostiger Anker, Hafenstrasse 25a, Basel

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