Ontbijtbar Rotterdam

Ontbijtbar Rotterdam

Ontbijtbar Rotterdam

A new breakfast bar opened in Rotterdam, the Ontbijtbar. It is located near the central station and has a nice little terrace outside. They serve their oatmeal and granola in carton cups which make it feel like a picnic party.

Being here brings back a lot of memories. This place used to be a kebab shop when I was in my teenage years. I still lived with my parents and after a night out in Rotterdam we had to take the night bus back home. The bus stop was in front of this kebab place, and we always had kebab as breakfast before going home. Now I can have a normal, more healthy, breakfast here. The interior is still kind of the same, nothing fancy, so it’s feels like I’m walking into the old kebab place, memory lane.


Ontbijtbar, Kruisplein 151, Rotterdam

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