One of my favorite editorials in Hong Kong was for BOOM Magazine. I had to leave my awesome Macau weekend earlier then my friends did, because the shoot was on a Sunday. But it was totally worth it!

zebra board klein

We shot in the Vans indoor skate park. And as a I was a little skater girl when I was younger, I got super excited when I arrived. Skateboards everywhere!! And not the ones I used to have. But cute little skateboards in all the colors and prints you can imagine. I got obsessed with the zebra board with purple wheels, how awesome is this board!! The question is, shall I become a skater girl again? And more important, can I be a skater girl again?! Would be a great transport to go to my castings, if I make it to the castings in one piece.

In the end the pics of the shoot turned out great! And most importantly it was one of my favorite working days in Hong Kong with an amazing team. Thank you guys!


Boom kleiner


Photography by Ray Leung

Styling by Michael Cheung


Globe Bantam St Graphic Cruiser zebra skateboard

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