An afternoon go see in Madrid

An afternoon go see in Madrid

An afternoon go see in Madrid

What I thought was going to be a normal go see on a normal afternoon a couple of weeks ago in Madrid, turned out to be a great afternoon doing a great test shoot with a great photographer and a great result!!

Normally on a go see you pass by a photographer or client to show yourself and your work and this will take 10 minutes tops. I went to Javier Tomas on a Wednesday afternoon after work. I thought it would take me 10 minutes as usual and afterwards I could finally crash on the couch at home after a long day of work. But when I arrived at his place he was already preparing the lights to do some quick test. I was surprised but excited at the same time, I’m always in for some new great pictures!


ladyofthelowlands javier


And as you can see, the result is awesome! And even more awesome when you know I didn’t know what to expect before I went to this go and see at all, we did this shoot in less than 45 minutes and after this a could crash on the couch more happy than ever!


Photography by Javier Tomas Biosca

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