Chanel resynchronizing skincare

Chanel resynchronizing skincare

Chanel resynchronizing skincare

At the moment I’m in Madrid for work. Experience learned me that it is so much better to travel light. No heavy bags to carry around, no sweaty arrivals at the job. Especially on toiletry you can save a lot of weight when you choose them carefully. That’s why I immediately got excited when I got this Chanel facial cream set! Of course when I’m working I need to take extra care about my skin. So a good day and night cream is a real must, as well as a serum to give my skin that extra care when the make-up artist put a thick layer of make-up on me every day.

This Chanel resynchronizing skincare set is the perfect travel size and it still looks beautiful, like Chanel always does! The Le Jour reactivates your skin on a daily basis, while the Le Nuit has a recharging function for the night. The weekend renews your skin and should be used twice a week. Together they resynchronize the skin’s natural rhythms throughout the day.


Chanel resynchronizing skincare limited edition set 3 x 15ml

Picture by Chanel

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