Susan Bijl Rotterdam

Susan Bijl Rotterdam

Susan Bijl Rotterdam

Finally back in Rotterdam after a month of Madrid!! And I could not pick a better time to come back. It was a weekend full of fun with my friends; festival, world cup game and the store opening of Susan Bijl!

The Susan Bijl bags are basic, colorful and super handy nylon shoppingbags. Use your Susan Bijl bag to go shopping, to go to the beach or spend an afternoon in the park, or just to do your groceries.

I love things like this. So basic and easy, but so awesome! And just stick to this great concept when it is working so good.




When I was in Hong Kong last year, of course I took my XL Susan Bijl bag. A super handy big bag to put all my stuff in when I went to my castings. But the cool thing was that I saw a local woman with a Susan Bijl bag as well. It made me proud in a way, proud to be from Rotterdam, and proud that the people from Rotterdam make such awesome things.


Susan Bijl, Mauritsweg 45, Centrum, Rotterdam

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