Mimint Arnhem

Mimint Arnhem

Mimint Arnhem

Walking around in the centre of Arnhem I passed this little organic shop: Mimint. It is owned by a girl Milou in her early twenties. I always admire people who take a different path and pursue their dreams, and for example open their amazing little shop.

Mimint is not a very big store, but you can find anything in there when it comes to healthy food in the racks that reach to the ceiling; vegetables, lemonades, cereals, ice cream, chocolate. And ever since there is an oven in the store, Milou is baking the most delicious and healthy snacks. I couldn’t resist the homemade walnut-fig bar and it was absolutely delightful. On my way out I also bought an elderflower lemonade (my favorite lemonade) in a really nice bottle. Yes, bottles and wrapping paper do matter when it comes to drinks and food. The groceries you will get in a re-used paper or plastic bag. Which I find to be a very good idea, since we also did this in our pop-up store ;).

I say, definitely visit this little shop to support Milou and because everything is just super delicious.




Mimint Arnhem, Klarestraat 1a Arnhem



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