Do Design Madrid

Do Design Madrid

Do Design Madrid

Two years ago when I was in Madrid I already spent a significant amount of time in this shop. And now that I’m back here, of course I went straight to this amazing place again. The thing is, I love concept stores! You can easily spend a few hours in these kind of shops, because they have a little bit of everything; clothes, jewelry, cutlery, office supplies and much more. If your done with buying clothes, move on to some amazing things for your house and go on like this for a while.

This concept store is not very big, but still I love it. In the first place any store that sells HAY, I love. And the interior of this place is amazing. This was the first place where I saw clipboards on the wall as decoration two years ago. The pay desk is located in a wooden house frame. And not to mention the cotton beach huts as changing rooms. This place is super cool! Last time I was here I bought a beautiful vintage looking golden ring, what shall I buy this time… :)




Do Design, Calle Fernando VI 13, Alonso Martinez/Justicia, Madrid

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