Restaurant De Jong Rotterdam

Restaurant De Jong Rotterdam

Restaurant De Jong Rotterdam

On a rainy day me and my friends ended up in Restaurant De Jong. We arrived around 5pm. They were getting ready for the evening and we took a seat at the bar talking to the staff and having some wine.

The restaurant opened its doors 1,5 years ago and is doing quite well these days. I love how they did the interior design by themselves getting there interior from old restaurants and vintage dealers. They really did an awesome job.

We didn’t intend to go out for dinner that evening, but in the end we stayed. The food is really amazing, a real piece of art. Flowers and everything on your plate. They serve a vegetable or fish/meat 3 course menu for €40.




And the location is great. A typical Rotterdam location. A really cool space somewhere hidden near the railway which used to be part of the old train station. Rotterdam is not really a city you love the moment you walk in there for the first time. You need to know where the cool spots are, most of the time they are hidden in sometimes dodgy areas, like this restaurant. But luckily you have me, I’m definitely gonna tell you all these cool spots!


Restaurant De Jong, Raampoortstraat 38, Rotterdam

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