A La Plancha Rotterdam

A La Plancha Rotterdam

A La Plancha Rotterdam

Finally summer is here!! When the weather is this hot I don’t really feel like cooking, but just have cold drinks on a terrace outside and have some fresh fish from the bbq around 8/9pm. You can get the best fresh fish from the bbq at A La Plancha! You can find this summer pop up restaurant on ‘Het Noordereiland’, a little island in the Maas in Rotterdam.

The daily fishes you can get here are delicious, on the side take a bean salad or baked potato. And have this delicious meal on a platform in the Maas next to the Willemsbrug and enjoy the sunset.

Don’t expect too much from the menu, they only a few meals on the menu. Besides fish there is not much on the menu and on busy days you have a change that they run out of some fishes. But give me a good Dorade with bean salad and I’m happy.

The concept of this pop up store is stay close to your neighborhood. They try to get there products from local suppliers as much as possible. Also most of the employees are from the neighborhood, most of them don’t have that much catering experience, but everybody deserves a change right?

The opening hours are simple, they are open when the weather conditions are pleasant.

So make sure you go here on a warm summer evening before the end of the summer!!




A La Plancha, Maaskade 74, Noordereiland, Rotterdam

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