Pllek Amsterdam

Pllek Amsterdam

Pllek Amsterdam

I’m a big fan of places like Pllek! Somewhere (kind of) in the middle of nowhere you suddenly find an amazing spot like this.

Pllek is really a unique place. The interior is industrial, but still relaxing. Crash down on a couch near the fireplace. Or take a seat at one of the tables to enjoy their amazing food. But it’s not just a café. In summer you can find an artificial beach in front of Pllek were you can relax and even enjoy a massage on a hot summer day. Also, on warm summer evenings they organize an outdoor cinema. It is super intimate and cozy. Chill in a beach chair and enjoy some great movies. Or enjoy one of their Yoga or Food workshops. Lots to do at this amazing hotspot!

This weekend is supposed to be the last sunny weekend in Amsterdam, so the last chance to enjoy some sun on the Pllek terrace. Don’t miss out!! After that it will be hot chocolate at the fireplace.


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Pllek, TT Neveritaweg 59, Noord, Amsterdam

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