Oetlinger Buvette Basel

Oetlinger Buvette Basel

Oetlinger Buvette Basel

One thing for sure; there cannot be enough Buvette containers at the Rhein in Basel. On my second trip to Basel I found the second Buvette container. If I would find a new one every time I’m in Basel I would be perfectly happy!

Buvette Kaserne is the one I went to last time and is close to the Mittlere Brücke. If you walk a little bit further North you will pass by Oetlinger Buvette; the new discovery! Oetlinger Buvette is a smaller container with a smaller terrace, but that doesn’t make it less relaxing! The terrace is closer to the water, so you can really enjoy the Rhein and view at its fullest. There are not many other terraces at the waterside.

On sunny days people go swimming in the Rhein. They will swim downstream and end up at Oetlinger Buvette for a cold beer or hamburger. You can take dry clothes with you in a floating bag. This is definitely on my list for next time! Can’t wait!


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Oetlinger Buvette, Unterer Rheinweg 104, Basel

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