Sunny days in LA

Sunny days in LA

Sunny days in LA

July I spend with my friends in America, the west coast of America. We spend 3 weeks in our big American car, going from campsite to campsite; barbequing, making camp fires, hiking in the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Park. It was an amazing experience.

But when we arrived in LA we left our camping stuff behind and chose the luxurious life for a few days. We went to a couple of nice cafes and restaurants which are a must to visit when you are in LA!


Urth Caffé, 8565 Melrose Avenue

You can find this cafe on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Westmount Drive. It is an amazing place for breakfast with its fine bagels and nice looking yoghurt parfait. Also, Vincent Chase and his posse in ‘Entourage’ always have breakfast/lunch here. Awesome TV series, awesome breakfast/lunch place!

Joan’s on Third, 8350 W 3rd Street

This beautiful delicatessen store has two large picnic tables where you can immediately eat all the delicious stuff Joan herself sells, from veggies, soups and salads to the most delicious cakes you can imagine. Try a piece of the red velvet 3 layers (!!!) cake.

Cafe Gratitude, 639 N Larchmont Boulevard

We had dinner at Café Gratitude, a vegan restaurant, which was a total surprise for us. Not my cup of tea, but for once it was a nice experience. The food was excellent, different taste than normal, but it was a good difference for a change. The coolest things were the dish names on the menu. We ordered Awesome, Terrific and Hearty. No better end of the day then this right?


The Eveleigh, 8752 Sunset Boulevard

I’m having dinner tonight in Hollywood. This is a pretty awesome sentence to say on a Tuesday night. And it was an awesome night indeed. The food was amazing! We were sitting in the garden at a long picnic table enjoying the warm evening breeze. I believe it was one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. We were with 5 friends and had some lovely platters to share. Sunny weather, amazing food en your best friends, what else do you need.

Cabo Cantina, 11829 Wilshire Boulevard

If you like margaritas you have to go to this place! They have some really good, big ass margaritas. Too bad I was the designated driver that night, but still some sipping was going on of course. It’s also a nice way to escape from the sometimes too luxurious LA life, it’s just an ordinary not so fancy bar, but some nights that is just what you need.

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