Hopper Rotterdam

Hopper Rotterdam

Hopper Rotterdam

As my all-time favorite coffee spot in Rotterdam, Hopper cannot be missed on my Rotterdam hotspot list. Because of this place I have my morning coffee every day ready for me, I have a lovely terrace around the corner of my apartment to drink my coffee in the sun and not unimportant I survived my thesis time. Basically, I owe my life to Hopper :p.


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You can find me most of the time on the big table with my laptop and my latte, or ice latte in summer. I prefer big tables were you can place all your things and everybody can just take a seat. The vibe in this place is perfect, really relaxing. I can sit here all day, working, chilling, having coffee with friends. There is a little play area for kids upstairs as well for the young mommies among us, which is rare in most places. And if you’re hungry they have a delicious lunch menu. I don’t see any reason not to go there!! So see you there!!


Hopper, Schiedamse Vest 146, Rotterdam

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